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Welcome to my site of speedcubing !

My name is Loïc Frémont, I'm a french speedcubist and I created this site to help people who wants to learn the fridrich's method. If you are beginners visit the jasmine's beginner solution.

The fridrich's method consists in : white cross, first-two layers, orientation of all the cubes of the last layer and permutation of these cubes.

I think the classic notation (LR'L2R2...) is not easy to learn algorithms, so I use a method with diagrams showing the movements of the cube sides. This notation seems to me more visual and easier to learn many algorithms.

Exemple :R'L2R2BD'U is noted as (see notation):

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I hope this site will help you to learn the jessica fridrich's method. Be patient to learn these algorithms and have a good fun !



15 oct 04 : mon site se déplace vers de Régis Hanol et devient en français !

26 sept 04 : I added a video of Bertrand Bordage (15.56s). My personnal best time is now 19.44s

21 sept 04 : Bertrand Bordage's F2L algorithms

19 sept 04 : I'm now sub 30 !!! with a best average of 29.76

11 sept 04 : 1000 visiteurs ! merci à tous !

9 sept 04 : vidéo de Bertrand Bordage

8 sept 04 : vidéo de Régis Hanol

5 sept 04 : vidéo de Guillaume Meunier

08/09 : a new fastest video (25.05)

07/26 : my best average in video

06/29 : résultat finale francophone

06/21 : résultat du petit championnat francophone.

06/14 : new photos. My record is now 25.17.

05/30 : new video of me (27.03).

05/22 : I added my personal video and three photos.


Please contact me at for any error you find.